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5 Seconds Of Summer Switch Party In Detroit - August 16th, 2014

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5 Seconds of Summer perform on the Today Show - July 22nd, 2014 

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How the boys react to Michael’s raunchy pick-up line.

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ashton omg *_*

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The most iconic moment of the interview +

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"Undisclosed Desires"- Luke Hemmings FanFiction Chapter 5


Previous Chapter 

Hey!! So here’s chapter 5, and on a side note, I didn’t know if ‘pitch a tent’ is an actual innuendo, so I’ll just trust this Urban Dictionary definition, and you should probably read it because it’s kind of apart of the story, lmao.

  Anyways, feedback would be absolutely great because it means a lot knowing if you guys are enjoying the fic or not, and yeah. Thanks for reading, I love you all so much!

Chapter 5

(Y/N’s P.O.V)

            “Okay everyone, now since we are going to survive in the wild, we need a few rules.” Mrs. Thompson says as every student is in front of her standing in a perfect line like we would be if we were in the army. “I do not want to lose anyone in here so everyone and I mean everyone will never leave the camping place without at least another person.”

            “Not even to take a shit?” Dom, this weird guy who I recognise because he sits in front me in biology and farts like all the time, asks trying to be funny.       

            Mrs. Thompson just glares at him and smirks, “I’m glad you’re catching on. And I’m also glad you just got a ticket to clean the dishes because of your widely inappropriate remark” She says as she continues her speech, earning a groan from Weirdo-Dom, “anyways… each one of you will have a ‘whistle’ so if you need help you can blow it” as Mrs. Thompson says those words Luke and I start to sing “can you blow my whistle baby” and as we do that we immediately start crying from laughter as I see Jake rolling his eyes at us.

            “Jesus Christ” Mr. Roberts whispers laughing as he nods his head, immediately stopping and staring at the ground when he sees Mrs. Thompson glaring at him and then at us. He may be the same age as Mrs. Thompson but he was obviously scared of her and her maniac eyes.

            “Is there something wrong miss (Y/N)? Mr. Hemmings? Perhaps if you find my very important speech so hilarious why don’t you start off by joining Dom here and cleaning the dishes after all 20 of us eat?”  Demanded Mrs. Thompson clearly upset that we weren’t paying attention to what she was blabbering on about. It took me 2 seconds to actually take in what she said.

            “Wait? What? You can’t do that!” I yelled back.

            “Looks like I just did, and by questioning my authority you and your friend just earned another extra free ticket to the backstage of the kitchen” she said annoyed, “does anyone have anything else to say?”, silent reaches our part of the woods as she says those words, only the chant of birds are audible. “Good. Now let’s pitch these tents”.  Mrs. Thompson says as she moves to the clear space in the woods made especially for us to “pitch our tents”. And obviously, as she says those words Luke and I start laughing like crazy from her obvious innuendo.

            “You guys are like 12 year olds.” Jake says rolling his eyes as he walks past us.

            We just laugh a little bit more and then I turn to Luke, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have talked back to her, now we will spend two hours each day cleaning freaking dishes.” I apologise to him regretting having a big mouth and lack of controlling abilities.

            He starts laughing, “That’s okay, don’t worry about it. To be honest, I actually don’t really care, that way I’ll be able to spend more time with you.” He cutely stated making me start laughing and blush. “And weirdo Dom” he adds earning another laugh from me.

            I grab his arm and lead him to where the boys are so he can start working on his tent.

             “Luke, help me out with this, the instructions are in freaking Chinese or something.” Ashton annoyingly said.

            “Okay, hold on.” He says as he turns to me, “Well, I guess I’ll see you in a bit during lunch?” he asks.

            “Yap. And I should go, I’m going to share my tent with Rachel and I’m pretty sure this will take a while so yeah. See you later!” I tell him.

            “Okay! If you need any help let me know.” He offers smiling.

            “I do!” Ashton screams from behind him.

            I start laughing and thank Luke as I make my way to Rachel, the both of us start trying to decipher the great mystery of “how to pitch my dad’s 20 year old tent” and between laughs and jokes about my father’s ‘golden years’ and after 2 hours of physical torture we end up finally having a ‘fully erect’ tent, as Mrs. Thompson likes to put it, in her glorious words. After we did it, Rachel and I put our excessively large bags in our tent, taking up the whole space.

            “Well, this weekend will be extremely uncomfortable.” She says as we start laughing. “Jake, Emily and I were planning on exploring the woods after dinner.” I start to answer her ‘yes’ but then I remember my ‘little disagreement’ with Mrs. Thompson.

            “Shit, I can’t. I have to clean the dishes after it.” I tell her rolling my eyes.

            “Oh right… with ‘Mr.Hemmings” she teases hitting me in the arm, “I swear to God, you guys are seriously perfect for each other.” I start laughing at her.

            “What? Why do you think that?” I ask her curious of why she said that even though I know that yes, Luke and I are pretty much the same person.

            “Oh come on… You guys share the same juvenile sense of humour, and let’s not forget about the fact he’s totally into you.” She pauses making me blush and nervously laugh. “And so are you.” She whispers and as she finishes saying those words I glance at her and start chuckling

            “Is it really that obvious?” I ask her smiling at the ground.

            She starts giggling at my question, “I knew you liked him… and don’t worry, you’re not that obvious. I just know you too well.”

            We end up talking about my ‘small’ crush on Luke for about 2 hours as someone opens our tent and we glance at them realising it’s Mr. Roberts calling us for lunch time.

            “We’ll be right there babe.” Rachel says as I glance at her narrowing my eyes from the weird fact that she just called our English teacher freaking “babe”. As I look at her she realises what she said and glances at Mr. Roberts with her eyes opened and hands covering her mouth. I glance at him and I notice the same expression on his face.

            “Oh. My. God!” I scream realising what is happening. “No way!” I yell with a laugh as she covers my mouth and immediately take her hands of my lips. “Rachel, you kinky little shit!” I tease her hitting her in the arm.

            “(Y/N) please shut up.” Mr. Roberts says with a panicked look on his face.

            “Oh my God, this is brilliant.” I say as I try to calm myself from my laughing fit.

            “I’m so sorry Alfie.” Rachel says, “I didn’t mean to- it just slipped out of my mouth!” She stutters. And Mr. Roberts, or shall I call him ‘Alfie’ chuckles, giving her a peck on the lips as I mentally vomit all over the place.

            “It’s okay” he reassures her with a loving smile, and then turns to me, “You better keep your mouth shut or you’ll be getting an F on your final exam.”

            “Okay, okay, just stop with the PDA and don’t even try to make out in my tent.” I tell them getting out of there making Alfie get up and Rachel following behind.

            “We can’t promise anything.” He says with a smirk making Rachel chuckle.

            “Oh Alfie…”

            “One word: ew” I joke as we make our way to the benches and tables set up for us and I start realising that this is the explanation of why Rachel got 100% on her English tests.

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